HitLeap 发布了公告表明将关闭此项业务,账户还有流量的赶紧用了吧。公告如下:

尊敬的 HitLeap 客户,

作为您的服务提供商,HitLeap 一直是您个人数据的控制者。由于公司将于 2021 年 12 月 6 日关闭。HitLeap 将根据欧洲议会和理事会第 2016/679 号法规(以下简称“GDPR”)的要求删除您的个人数据。

请注意,在您的帐户关闭后,HitLeap 将存储有关您的某些个人数据。存储您的个人数据的法律依据是 GDPR 第 6(1)(f) 条——HitLeap 在潜在法律诉讼中履行其职责的合法权益。HitLeap 将存储的个人数据如下:您的姓名、电子邮件地址、HitLeap 向您提供的服务的详细信息、KYC 和有关您的 AML 相关信息。这些类型的个人数据将存储 8 年。

我们注意到 HitLeap 将存储有关您的付款的信息,因为根据适用的会计法,这是强制性的。HitLeap 会将这些数据存储长达 8 年。

HitLeap 将采用适当的技术和组织措施来存储您的数据。

本通知中提及的所有日期均采用 GMT 时区。

本通知已发出:2021 年 11 月 4 日。

Dear customer of HitLeap,

As your service provider, HitLeap has been the controller of your personal data. As the company will shut down on 6 December 2021. HitLeap will delete your personal data, as is required by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter the “GDPR”).

Please note that HitLeap will store certain personal data about you after your account has been closed. The legal basis for storing your personal data is Art 6(1)(f) in the GDPR – the legitimate interest of HitLeap to perform its duties in potential legal proceedings. The personal data which will be stored by HitLeap are the following: your name, email address, details about services provided to you by HitLeap, KYC and AML related information about you. These types of personal data will be stored for 8 years.

We note that HitLeap will store information about your payments, as this is mandatory according to applicable accounting laws. HitLeap will store these data for up to 8 years.

HitLeap will apply appropriate technical and organizational measures for storing your data.

All dates mentioned in this notice are in the GMT time zone.

This notice has been sent out on: 4 November 2021.
最后修改:2021 年 11 月 05 日